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Slowing down? January 22, 2010

Posted by Kate T. in Administration.

The conversation about Chapters 1 and 2 has been far less active than we had the previous week, and I doubt it’s  because the material is less engaging. I suspect people are having a little trouble reading and digesting two chapters a week–at least I hope that’s the reason, and it’s not that you have decided you’re not interested in this subject any more!

Our schedule for next week calls for discussing Chapters 3 and 4. Since many of you have already read Chapter 3, I’ll hold off until next Tuesday or Wednesday to start us off on talking about these two chapters together. I hope this will give everyone a little more time to get caught up on the reading and post more thoughts about 1&2. We can also play with the schedule a bit if it’s too demanding—maybe switch to a chapter a week or every week and a half. Whatever works for all of you.



1. Susan D'Entremont - January 22, 2010

Yeah, I’m still on chapter 1. I know several people who didn’t get the book until after the book group started, and one person, who shall remain nameless, who temporarily lost the book.

2. Kate T. - January 22, 2010

That person must have a complicated life! But the book has been found now, right?

3. Susan D'Entremont - January 22, 2010

Not sure. She hasn’t yet asked to borrow mine, which is good because I’m behind. But I think slowing down in general is a good idea. With everyone operating on skeleton staff these days, we’re all working extra.

4. Susan - January 25, 2010

I got the book last week and have only finished the intro and Ch. 1 and am almost done with Ch. 2. I’m also taking a class this semester so I’d like to slow down a bit.

5. Jim Cartwright - February 2, 2010

I’m way behind because I had not clicked on notify me when a post was made, so all I received were the announcements of new participants. I’m just beginning

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